artist agency germany: show, music, DJ, comedy, entertainer for gala, fair, event

artist agency germany: show, music, DJ, comedy, entertainer for gala, fair, event

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Multitalent Rick Mayfield at home on the stages of the World As an entertainer and singer between Frankfurt and Peking Langen (epa) - sometimes is he the singing waiter Pierre, sometimes a sailor with his croaky voice and sometimes a medieval master of ceremonies. Rick Mayfield is an all-rounder, who slips from the role of a singing bandit into the role of a nagging funny concierge. Is so much comic and vocal talent inherited? "My father as a tradesman and my mother as a teacher, are artistically talented, but in different areas. I knew with 16, that I didn't want to do anything else, explains the 45er, whose career started in youth bands and who thinks that a basic musical education is the pre-condition for success on stage. He gained this basis in a 2 _-yrs study in classical singing and training as radio and tv-presenter. His versatility becomes evident, when one knows that Rick Mayfield is also successful as a song writer and a composer. About the creative process he declares: "I often have a main motive, which develops over a longer period of time. For the texts I have some pictures with which I try to express feelings. His Repertoire is well marked by an astonishing versatility. In the course of the years he has developed 13 programs, which he can offer on Galas, fairs, weddings, birthdays, for carnival and of course for Christmas parties.
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