The Guide to Gemstones and Minerals

The Guide to Gemstones and Minerals

We have a fantastic online shop for crystals, gemstones and rcks. We offer jewelry, healing crystals, a fule range of tumbled and rough stones, fossils, amethysts, specimens and a lot of more. Come in and find out!


Welcome on our online Shop – we have a beautiful range from minerals and gemstones, tumbled stones and healing stones. You can bought by the pound or as individual items. We sell retail and wholesale. If you are a wholesale costumer you get perfect, attractive prices. You can look on our homepage for further information. The world of gemstones and minerals is ours. We travel several times a year to remote mines and quarries around the world. Through driekt importing, we can offer to our costumers low costs and distinguished quality. New minerals are added every week. So take a look to our online shop and be inspire from our extraordinary minerals, fossils, jewelry and rough stones.
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